Norway Fjord Skiing


In my dreams I ski tour in total wilderness with a small group of friends.  No lifts, no people, no rules.  The climbing feels easy because we’re at sea level with lots of O2.  The views are mind-blowing:  deep blue fjords snake through snowcapped peaks.  The  descents are 1000m+ of powder from summit to the sea, bathed in rosy alpenglow.  When we reach the fjord there’s a boat waiting to take us home & the wood fired hot tub, maybe a quick jump in the fjord.  There’s a place where that exists, it’s called the Sunnmøre Alps on Norway’s west coast.  It’s time to realize those dreams.

Drop off by van on one fjord, ski over the mountain to the next fjord and get picked up by boat.  Stay in cozy well appointed cabins.  Use van or boat to chase the best skiing.  Fish off the front porch, give the fish to Chef Emma, sushi in 10min!

Long days allow AM or PM ski tour options to take advantage of the best weather windows.  Ever skied 1500m vertical down to the fjord at sunset at 10:00 pm?  Here’s your chance.

Ski 6 out of 7 days, 1 weather/rest day. 

Private chef with healthy & delicious fare.

April 5-11

April 12-18

April 19- 25

Lodging: Isolated seaside cabins, rustic but cozy. 


Weather: Spring or Winter conditions possible. 

Terrain: Limitless choices; easy or exciting

Views: Exceptional & Unavoidable

Cost: $1,300 Guiding (fixed cost)

       ~$1,600 Chef, meals, van, boats, & lodging

       (depending on total number of guests)

Minimum: 4 people (call for prices on smaller groups)

Maximum: Guests to guide ratio 6:1 (larger groups we bring in a 2nd guide)

Chef:   Emma Lawrenson




Town:  Sæbø, Norway. 


Saturday: fly into Ålesund (airport code AES) and  spend the night there. It’s a charming seaside Art Nouveau town about 2 hrs down the fjord.

Sunday:  Arrive at the cabins on the fjord @ 11:00.

get settled in and do a full days ski tour, followed by a wood fired hot tub and jump in the fjord.

Ski as much as you like 6 out of 7 days (1 weather/rest day)

Saturday: Depart @ 16:00 for a celebratory evening in Ålesund.

Sunday: Fly home. 

Jeff was an exchange student in Norway & speaks Norwegian from his numerous trips there.  He’s ski toured around the world for the last 25 years and this is his favorite place to ski tour on the planet.  Come join us for an unforgettable adventure.  Our guest Terry’s photo album from last year says it all!

(Click here for captioned slideshow)../jeff_banks_guide/Albums/Pages/Norway_Fjord_Ski_Touring.htmlTouring/Touring.htmlshapeimage_3_link_0

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Inclusions: IFMGA mountain guide, skiing 6 out of 7 days, seaside cabin, chef & 6 days of meals, rental van

Exclusions: 2 nights hotel in Ålesund, 1 dinner out, personal gear, airport transfer.


Photo Credits: Linus Kulstad, Rick Wheatley, & Claire Michael

(Click here for captioned slideshow)../jeff_banks_guide/Albums/Pages/Norway_Fjord_Ski_Touring.htmlTouring/Touring.htmlshapeimage_4_link_0