Off-Piste Freeride


Chamonix is the Mecca for wild big mountain skiing.  Nowhere in the world can you ski as many glaciers, long runs (9,000 ft vertical), in as many countries (France, Switzerland, Italy) all serviced by lifts.  Leave the crowds and icy trails behind for the wild open glaciers.  Options range from fun for the whole family (think 10 year olds in a snowplow) cruising down the glacier to rappelling into couloirs.  If you can ski comfortably on blue intermediate runs and have a sense of adventure

let us take you on a trip of a lifetime. 

If you’ve never been skiing in the Alps it’s hard to grasp the enormity and complexity of the terrain.  Once you leave the piste (trail) you’re at your own risk.  Off the corduroy = into the wild.  There’s no one to tell you the avalanche risk, how to navigate through crevasses, when you need a rope & harness, how to navigate in a whiteout, you may ski into the next country and need to organize train/bus/taxi to return, etc.  It’s completely wild terrain and infinitely more complex than any North American resort.  Even expert skiers hire a guide to maximize their skiing rewards and safety while they get the goods.

Freeride Safari

Book 5 days or more, we pick you up at the Geneva airport and go where the most snow is within driving distance.  SImple.  Flexible.  Deeeeep.  Personal favorite, it’s how I ski on my days off.            Moderate or Difficult

Valley Blanche

The Aiguille du Midi towers 9,000 ft above Chamonix and lift takes you to the top.  From there it’s wild glacier terrain; no groomed pistes, no ski patrol, no rules.  Just you, the glacier, and your guide with about 5 postal zip-codes worth of terrain to choose from.  If you’re quick, you might have time for lunch in town before a 2nd run.  If you like it more relaxed, we can stop off at the Requin hut for lunch or a picnic with wine and cheese on the glacier.  The easiest route down is suitable for skiers able to ski a blue run in good control.        Moderate or Difficult

Les Grands Montets, Le Brevent, La Flegere, & Le Tour

The Chamonix valley has 6 ski areas under 1 ticket.  Depending on abilities and conditions this gives us a host of options to meet your powder skiing needs.  From open 20 degree meadows to steep, rope in couloirs -Chamonix has it all.        Easy, Moderate, or Difficult


Just through the Mont Blanc tunnel lies a tree skiing paradise in the charming village of Courmayeur.  When the storm breaks it’s time to ski the Toule glacier where 9,000 ft runs will challenge your quadriceps and the 5 course lunches will challenge your palette with regional delicacies.

Easy, Moderate, or Difficult

Verbier/St Bernard region

~1 hr from Chamonix lies the free-ride hotspot of Verbier.  Lesser known, but of excellent quality are the mom & pop ski hills of the area.  Let us take you to these secret stashes and have the unique experience of asking the lift operator to turn on the chairlift on a powder day.  “Umm...pardon moi...could you turn on the chairlift please?  We would like to ski some powder.  “Oh, Bien Sur!”  “Merci!”

Easy, Moderate, or Difficult

La Grave

You’ve heard the hype & it’s true.  If you want the pure mountain experience with no fancy trimmings La Grave is hard to beat.  Big vertical, no easy way down, steep couloirs, complex descents involving rope-work.  If you’re a skier you owe it yourself to go, or you’ll just be another year older when you do.      Difficult


1 Ticket, 2 countries.  Linking the Alagna/Monte Rosa lift system on the Italian side to the Swiss side in Zermatt you can ride different slopes and glaciers for days without repeating.  Bring a change of socks and your toothbrush as you stay in high mountain huts (gourmet meals, showers, private rooms) on your off-piste ski odyssey.

Easy, Moderate, or Difficult


Please refer to Gear List (click here)

We offer rentals of ice axe, harness, crampons, beacon, shovel, probe, packs.